Infographic: President Trump a boon for private prison industry

The Trump administration policies against illegal immigration will increase the private prison population

Private prison stocks have surged since Donald Trump won the presidential election of 2016, and they are likely to continue the rise now that Donald Trump is in the White House.

The beginning:

Trump's rhetoric against illegal immigration and his nomination of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions (a strong opponent of legal and illegal immigration) as Attorney General have caused private prison stocks to surge. Since Hillary Clinton conceded the election to Donald Trump, shares of CoreCivic (CXW) have risen almost 100%. The cause of the rally is Donald Trumps stance against illegal immigration which will likely increase the private prison population. As of last year about 65% of Homeland Security detainees were sent to private prison facilities.

This infographic illustrates the Trump boom for private prison stocks

The case of Corecivic:

We have prepared an infographic that will help illustrate how the Trump presidency stopped the fall of private prison stocks and sent them surging. We created a chart of the Corecivic stock price and added notations of important political events that influenced the price. Corecivic is a multi billion dollar company that owns and manages private detention centers across the USA. It is the largest private prison company in the United States.

Here is the Trump Infographic:

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Infographic: The Trump boom for private prison stocks

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